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Slicethepie, paid to review music, job opportunity

    SliceThePie provides a lot of music, to which we can write comments after listening.  This is a rather unique site. Why ? It is because you can earn money with writing music reviews. On this site you won't hear those famouse music/songs,  instead, you are going to enjoy songs/music from some new singer or band. Record company or artist pay on this site to upload their work, we ,as consumers ,are assumed to review their music and make some constructive comments.For each review you will earn $0.02 - $0.20. It depends on your current rating level, It will vary.Provide reviews of high quality helps you raise your level.

slicethepie, paid to review music,job opportunity

Step to earn:
    Those who review these songs are called "Scouts". Once you join you will fill out a short scouting profile and select your interests so you will be matched with the appropriate Scout Rooms.
    Once you find a room, start reviewing tracks by playing it and listening to at least 60 seconds of the song. I would recommend listening to the entire track before writing a review,  to be fair to the artist. Write your review with as much detail as possible and then rate the song from 0 -10. 

About Reward:
       $10 is the set minimum cashout,through Paypal. Site has been online since 2007. Very trusted !


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