Zoombucks - Earn. Redeem. Enjoy!

Zoombucks, get paid to do search,task ,survey            (There's some changes about Zoombucks ,click HERE for more info) People who have ever made money with Paid-to-Search websites must know Swagbucks, which is the most popular Paid-to-Search website , but a lot of friends all know: it is no longer easy to earn money in Swagbucks. Here and now there is a more profitable site :Zoombucks , which is more attractive than Swagbucks for everyone.
          Compared to Swagbucks, Zoombucks is very young, the website's open time is April 19, 2010. Zoombucks is not only a search site but a survey site--- there are many ways to earn!
          Actually it's very easy to earn In ZoomBuckseach survey is generally worth 50 Zbucks or more, and every day there are some offers which are easy to finish.

Way To Earn:

   1. Search - when doing search on ZoomBucks,you will randomly earn points, the more you search,the easier you win. NO IP address restricted !
   2. ZDaily - Get the ZDaily award just by doing nothing every day!
   3. Offer & Survey - Uncounted Offer & Survey every day for members,we can   participate and earn daily. ZBucks will be added to your account immediately after finishing the Offer & Survey (or task)
   4. Promotional code - Usually promotional code will be issued on Facebook and Twitter. If you get the code, enter it to claim the gift ZBucks. Sometimes the codes will be sent by email.
   5. Fill in the information - fill in the form of survey data, you can obtain 75 Zbucks just after finishing.
   6. Games - you can win 10 times per month, with 500 ZBucks as the prize.
   7. Shopping - save money and get cash back !
   8. Refer - tell your friends about Zoombuck. That will bring you much commissions !

Zoombucks payment proof, amazon gift card

About the rewards:
            Zbucks points is your money in ZoomBucks , when it has been accumulated at a certain number , you can  can claim prizes in the Rewards Store. Currently 100 pts = $ 1, to redeem prizes you required at least 1000 Bucks(you will find it easy). ZoomBucks provided various prizes , including Amazon Gift Vouchers, Paypal cash and some other valuable items.



  1. Hey, I got a question about Zoombucks.
    I subscribed at the same time to Zoombucks, Swagbucks and Gifthulk.
    By now, I only redeemed $15 Amazon at Gifthulk, but no progress at Zoombucks.
    Do you have any tips for me?
    Thank you very much in advance!

  2. Vicky:

    Thanks for your comment..Here's some tips I've found: Set Zoombucks as your Homepage so you will use it as the default search page. Click the page of Zdaily and Survey which will give you some Zbucks everyday. Install the toolbar and click the "toolbar bonus" everyday. Try do some tasks, some small tasks are very easy,which you can complete repeatedly,that means the Zbucks you can earn are unlimited.