Dungeons & Treasures - Get paid to play games online

Dungeons & treasures , Get paid to play games online  Dungeons & Treasures is now the most popular free browser based adventure game online, which pay you to play. The gold you accumulate in games is converted into real money at the end of each adventure (per month). There has already been millions of members but don't worry to be a newbie right now, for at the end of each month all characters is set to zero(level,equipment,skill points and so on).The game is fair to all members, no matter when you register.
    If you are a video RPG player, Dungeons & Treasures must be familiar to you .In the game you control a character with weapons and other equipment to explore dungeons for gold, fighting monsters or capturing them for sale. Your level will rise up after beating monsters. The higher your level is, the more gold you are able to find .

    In short, you will find it fun and relaxing playing in Dungeons & Treasures. And moreover, it can bring you real profit. Gold is converted to real $ automatically every month.

Dungeons & treasures , Get paid to play games online

 Get paid to play games online!! There are several ways to acquire gold,
    1. Explore dungeons (Place - Tavern - Find a dungeon). Pick up gold laying on the ground, open jewelry chests, or gain it just after you've beaten a monster.
    2. Unlock Treasure chests in The chests room (Place - The Chests Room), When you explore dungeons, you'll find two kinds of keys, one is for opening the locked doors in the dungeon, the other is to unlock chests contains gold.
    3. Contests - Admin start some contests from time to time. Almost all contests are free to join in.
    4. Temple - Pray for extra gold everyday !!
    5. Weapon/armor sales - Go to market to sell the equipment you don't need.
    6. Bonus Game - Win a jackpot if you're lucky.
    7. Sponsoring - Refer your friends, you can earn extra gold as commissions. 
    8. Treasures Hunt - You can play it once per day,click "Have my free box of the day" to get a free ticket, then click "Play the free treasure hunt". On each box you see, you can find a key that opens a chest in the chest room, or a treasure of 100 gold to 20 000 gold !Or even a Jackpot - some real $ !!

    Remember,each adventure last one month, begin on the first day and end on the last day of each month, when it ends, sell all your equipment to shop, because you will be set to zero. So try your best to accumulate the gold to be converted to real money. We get paid to play game online, if you choose Paypal as payment method, the minimum payout is $5.

Join HERE and start to enjoy and earn !!
I will tell you more tips to earn more gold in the game soon in a new blog post !

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