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2012-04-08,  news
After a few days upgrade of service, Gifthulk was launched the latest version.And now it is only open to users from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Read this blog post http://www.gptjob.com/2012/05/gifthulk-new-version-way-to-earn-money.html  for more info.

GiftHulk Earning Rewards The EZ Way
    As I have intreoduced in my previous blog posts, there are many Get Paid To sites from which you can earn money just by doing search,tasks,surveys and so on,just like Swagbucks and Zoombucks.  But this time i will introduce a new one which provide you more profits and fun - Gifthulk.  Gifthulk is rather young ,you can even find any detailed information about it on Internet.  Here are some Pros about Gifthulk,
   1、All countries are accepted. Unlike Swagbucks, Gifthulk accepts members from those non-English countries such as China ,India and so on. It welcome international countries.  Still, members from US and Canada will have more earning opotunities.
   2、The rewards are more attracitve than other GPT sites. Finishing a task, short survey will bring you more than 20 Hulk Coins --Its so easy to get a coin here!! Daily poll,daily surveys will give you Hulk Coins eveyday!! And don't forget the easy and funny tasks!!

Gifthulk, get paid to

   3、Easy to redeem a prize. You can redeem a Paypal $5 Gift card or an Amazon Gift card with only 169 Hulk Coins!!
   4、More earning oportunities than other sites.Here are some special offers --
     10 to 30 Hulk Coins – Create a Blog Post about GiftHulk,
     10 Hulk Coins – Create a Video About GiftHulk and upload it to YouTube,
     3 Hulk Coins – Like our Facebook Page,
     3 Hulk Coins – Send us unique question for our daily poll with at least 3 answers – if your question will be published you will receive 3 Hulk Coins.
     1 Hulk Coin – Twitt “I Love GiftHulk – Earning Online Rewards Never Was So Easy – http://www.gifthulk.com/”, add your GiftHulk Username @ the end of the twitt.
     5 to 10 Hulk Coins – Create a Forum Thread About GiftHulk.

   5、Other way to earn coins - play games,promotional code(Fountain of Youth)You even can earn extra 20% from your referals earning.

GiftHulk Earning Rewards The EZ Way


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