Zoombucks - new feathers and Tips to earn money

Zoombucks,get paid to
   Zoombucks has changed some feathers and if you want to keep earning as many ZBucks as before, you should read the tips below.(If you have not an account in Zoombucks, read my previous blogpost Here.

    Search - Of course you can still earn ZBucks when doing search, and I feel the chance to win ZBucks seems to have increased!
    ZDaily Homepage - It's known as "ZDaily" before, and now it's not only a place you can win ZBucks daily, but also a customized homepage which you can design its content and interface. Enjoy it!
    Games - Bad news ! The Games zone under the tag "WIN ZBUCKS" has been removed (Winning games used to be easy for me, and I was able to earn 500 ZBucks per month just by winning games). Instead, there's a new "Play Games" zone under the tag "EARN ZBUCKS" ,in which you can play games and get ZBucks randomly (for me it's just 1 ZBucks per time, very tiny >_<)
    Video Rewards - seems to be a cool earning idea, but few chances for residents outside U.S and Canada.

    However, I still choose Zoombucks as my favourite Get-paid-to site ,for the reasons below,

    1. Accept members from all countries.
    2. All promotional codes will be sent to your email address, that means you can also enjoy claiming for ZBucks without a facebook or twitter account.
    3. Pick a Number Contest - it is a free daily lottery game.
    4. Easy tasks ,easy earning.  Yesterday I just did the task "Flag images that contain adu*lt content" in my spare time when sitting in my office, and easily got 100 ZBucks, stepping to the stage 1 of the bonus bar !! LOL

Zoombucks bonus bar

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