Linkbucks - shorten and share your link, paying for 6 years

    Linkbucks is a free service site which pays members to shorten the links and share. They have sponsorship deals with many advertisers that allow them to display their ads to the visitors brought by your links.
    Take the address of my blog www.gptjob.com as an example. Click the tag "Create links" to shorten "www.gptjob.com" . Then you will be shown a shortened link "http://067f30b7.linkbucks.com" .The next step to earn money is to share the link "http://067f30b7.linkbucks.com" everywhere you like. The more visitors you get ,the more you earn. What linkbucks can do is make sure you earn something every time someone clicks on that link.


    About ads format,

    Intermission - this kind of ads pays you the most, but sometimes it can be too annoying to your visitors.
    Top banner $ Side banner - pay you less than the Intermission does, but they are somewhat more user-friendly.

    Why choose Linkbucks to earn money ?

    1 Accept all countries - there are no restrictions and people from any country can join and earn from this site.
    2 Instant payment - They pay you instantly by Paypal as soon as you request. This is a good option for those who are urgent to money..  lol. Every dollars you've earned here will be yours, firmly !The minimum payout is $5.
    3 An Established Site - Linkbucks was started in 2005 and has been online and paying ever since then.Linkbucks has paid out more than $1.2 Million USD since it opened its doors over 5 years ago.
    4 Adult content is allowed - Linkbucks accept adult-orientated publishers.You can try adult content to bring as much traffic as you can, you know what i mean...A suggestion says that you can share you link containing adult info with others - forum and any other allowed site.This may be a good choice to earn with Linkbucks.


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    I can say it's really worth using Linkbucks!