Prizee Jackpot - Play games for real money

    Prizee Jackpot is a free game, with no purchase , no credit card details required, which you can earn real money. It accept and pay every members no matter what country you are in. This is a Great game to earn No need investment All you have to do is to play the Casino games and Earn Money. All payment are paid through Bank Wires or any Bank account.

    How to start the game ?

    The game takes the form of a one-armed slot machine. Everytime the slot machine displays a winning combination featuring 3 adjacent identical symbols, you win the relevant prize, described in the combinations table. Some combinations unlock "Challenges"(Puzzle games) staking additional Tokens or cash earnings.This "challenges" is the only way you can earn money, just win every "challenges" to max your earning. In the beginning you will only have a kind of "challenge" - Fruit Party.But as you play, you will unlock other kinds of "challenge" and additional combinations, as well as new options. You chips will be recharged automatically every day,and you can use up to 100 free chips per day (the chips you buy are not subject to this limitation). This limitation is from 0 am to 12 am every day, UTC Time.

    What is Gift Chips and How to Get it?

    During a game, you can also earn additional Chips Packs that you can give to your friends. Feel free to hand these out, so that your friends can return the favor! This way, you will earn more Chips and have more opportunities to win cash earnings. Enter codes by clicking on the safe located in the lower right-hand section of the screen.

    Claiming your cash earnings

    At any time, you can claim the cash earnings that you have collected on Prizee Jackpot, in instalments of 100 €/$ (the currency will vary according to your country of residence). Payment is free of charge and occurs exclusively by international bank transfer, regardless of your country of residence.
    If your cash earnings reach or exceed 5,000 €/$, you will be contacted by  Customer Service Manager, who will confirm your prize and organize for your cash earnings to be handed to you personnally. You will be invited to the corporate office, where you will meet our team and enjoy a glass of Champagne to celebrate your prize.



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