Townian - make money online by playing game

townian,paid to play game online

     Townian is a web browser game where you play with other players around the world. And it pays you to play,that means all you've achieved in the virtual game will become REAL profit ! You start as a ruler of a small town and your target is expanding it to a kingdom.It was officially launched in March 11,2012 . Even though Townian is young, it has proven interesting and trusted to pay members.

---Start with a small town.
---Build new buildings, increase the population, develop the economy.
---Train armies to raid others and defend your towns.
---Conquer other towns, and let them become your colonies !

How to earn real money by playing this game?

      Exchange your gathered resources into REAL money. Exchange your gathered resources into REAL money.  Earn a commission by referring you friends, just let your friends join your alliance !
Minimum payout
Standard members: only $5 via Paypal or Libertyreserve
Premium members($5/month): only $2 via Paypal or Libertyreserve

Payment proof
townian payment proof